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aluminum cladding fixing anchoring system

Nov 24, 2016

Aluminum alloy cladding system and anchoring system especially the undercut bolt anchoring technology, breaking the traditional curtain wall concept, brought more creative space for curtain wall design , is regarded as "curtain wall of the development of the revolution". For millions of square meters of engineering example . Company's latest marketing AE - 26 portable laptop anchor drilling machine . With its portable , lightweight , quick, high performance etc , favored by the market. The back switch equipment can be widely used on more than 60 curtain wall plate, anchor the thinnest thickness is 6 mm. Such as: stone, ceramic plate, high pressure layer board, cement fiber board, glass, inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.

Aluminum alloy accessories - aluminum alloy cladding system features  in addition to the application of dry hanging stone of features, in addition to the qualitative light, intensity is high, itself has the characteristics of aluminum alloy material, namely the characteristics of aluminum does not rust. Aluminum alloy accessories products adopt after extrusion, powder electrostatic spraying silicon aluminum magnesium alloy material, light weight, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high strength, strong robustness, improve the seismic performance.