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The Historical Origin of Stainless Steel

Sep 30, 2016

The invention and use of stainless steel, dating back to the first world war era. British scientist Henry Blairley commissioned by the British government military arsenal to study the improvement of weapons work. At that time, the soldiers with the rifle gun chamber easy to wear, Burelli want to invent a difficult to wear alloy steel.

Burelli invented stainless steel in 1916 to obtain the British patent and began mass production, thus, from the garbage heap accidentally found in the stainless steel will be swept the world, Henry Brerelli also known as "the father of stainless steel." World War I, the British on the battlefield of the gun, always because of wear and tear can not be used and shipped back to the rear. The military production department ordered the development of high-strength wear-resistant alloy steel Burelli, specializing in solving the problem of wear chamber. Burelli and his assistants have collected various kinds of steels, different types of alloy steels, which have been produced at home and abroad, and have carried out performance tests on different kinds of machinery. Then they have selected the more suitable steel guns. One day, they experimented with a large number of domestic chromium alloy steel, the wear-resistant test, to find out that this alloy is not wear, indicating that this can not manufacture guns, so they record the results, to the corner fling thing. A few months later one day, an assistant holding a piece of Zengguang shiny steel excitedly ran to Blairley said: "Sir, this is my cleaning warehouse found Mr. Mullah sent alloy steel, you Whether to experiment, see it in the end have any special effect! "" Good! "Burelli looked bright dazzling steel, happy to say.