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Antibacterial Stainless Steel

Sep 30, 2016

The authority of the unit testing, antimicrobial stainless steel on E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus killing rate of 99% or more, for other bacteria such as Candida albicans, such as black fungus also has a significant role in killing, showing excellent broad-spectrum Antibacterial and antibacterial persistence. National Institute for Drug and Biological Products testing shows that antimicrobial stainless steel in terms of toxicity and human safety in full compliance with national technical standards. While giving the antibacterial properties of stainless steel at the same time, materials, mechanical, corrosion resistance, hot and cold processing, welding and other properties comparable to the original stainless steel.

Antibacterial stainless steel for the successful development of antimicrobial products for the development of a broad space. Antibacterial stainless steel product development potential is huge, the market prospect is extremely broad. Today, many domestic manufacturers have expressed strong interest in antimicrobial stainless steel, the research group is actively seeking support for pilot, for the early results of the transformation of goods.