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The Development Of Stainless Steel

Sep 30, 2016

Stainless steel is the world's most widely used, cost-effective steel surface treatment methods.

With the implementation of the western development strategy, China's hot-dip galvanizing industry has entered a new round of high-speed (high-speed), high-speed, high-speed, high-speed, development stage.

China's stainless steel raw materials in the chromium-nickel abroad is an oversupply, but in our country is in short supply; stainless steel is excess capacity, oversupply, profit margins frequent fluctuations. With the increasing competition in the stainless steel industry, the integration of M & A and capital operation among large stainless steel producers is becoming more and more frequent. The domestic stainless steel producers pay more and more attention to the research on the market, especially the changes of enterprise development environment and customer demand. In - depth study. Because of this, a large number of outstanding domestic brands of stainless steel rapid rise, and gradually become a leader in the stainless steel industry!